Tutorial: How To Thicken Fine Hair


When it comes to hair texture and density, the variations are endless. Each variation has its unique benefits and challenges. Today I want to zero in on men who possess fine to super fine hair texture and have anywhere from low to high density level. This type of hair tend to collapse and have little to no structure. The goal here is to build the hair so that it has enough strength to support itself and create a shape that will last several hours at a time. The best way to achieve this is to know which products to use.


I usually like to build the hair structure outwards, starting with the lightest product first and working my way to the stronger product then finally finish with something that holds it all together.

STEP 1: shampoo the hair with thickening shampoo from Bumble and bumble. I would skip the conditioner as this can weigh down the hair.
STEP 2: towel dry the hair unlit all the water is almost completely taken out, leaving it damp. Apply Texture Creme from Bumble and bumble evenly through out the hair. Like a primer, this is a light weight product that coats the hair shaft to give it a slight build up of strength. You will feel the hair shaft expanding as you use the blow dryer to adhere the product into the hair.

STEP 3: Once the hair is completely dried and the texture has been altered, you can now finish the style with a tiny bit of SumoTech.  Massage the product into your palms, then apply it into the hair and push the hair into it your desired place.
STEP 4: To hold the style in place, give it a light spray of Bumble and bumble’s Classic Hairspray – making sure to hold the bottle at least 6″ away from the hair to allow for even coverage and void over-saturation (this can ruin it all). An easy fixer-upper for fine hair texture, right?

P.S. Ask your stylist to try this combination of products on you on your next visit and see how much you will love your hair.

Yours Truly,

Vaan Sheahan

(Founder of PRESS Men’s Hair)




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