Sunday Fundays at PRESS


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Sunday Fundays

Serve a totally different purpose for me now. It’s not the kind of Sunday where you bar travel aimlessly around Newport all afternoon long, sometimes until the sun goes down. Now, every Sunday, rain or shine, you will find me at the salon sharing my knowledge about men’s haircutting.


I often get asked these questions: Why did you choose to focus on men’s hair? Is it because it is easier and faster to do? Most people would think that short hair style is easier to cut than long hair style because well, you’re not dealing with as much hair. But the opposite is true. Long hair style is more giving and with a little bit of styling effort, it can hide a lot of technical mistakes. Short hair styles particularly men’s, on the other hand, is less giving and takes patience and attention-to-details to perfect. So why then, did I choose to focus on men’s hair? One obvious reason is that I’m crazy about short haircuts and I love the challenge of perfecting the cut every single time.


Hairdressing means different things to each. For me, it’s more than just hair. Our responsibilities as hairdressers are deeper than what you can see. It’s much more than the hair. It builds a person’s level of confidence and identifies his personal image. In my opinion, two of the most important aspects of men’s hairdressing is to have a deeper understanding of (your guest) and the technical skills encompassing each hairstyle. My biggest pet peeve is seeing hair products being used to mask a bad haircut. Each haircut should be done so well that the style can be worn just by itself. Hair products are available to assist with the finished look and help maintain the wear-and-tear of the style throughout the day.

Men’s Haircutting Program – “The No Number System”

I am devoted to cultivating industry’s best hair artists. This is why I have developed a men’s haircutting program called, Men’s Haircutting Program – “The No Number System” where it covers five different hair styles focusing on just the basic tools -scissors & comb. New stylists who begin work behind the chair is required to complete this coarse.


Starting out, our salon was slow and PRESS Haircutting Workshop was taught during business hours whenever there was a gap in our schedules. Business grew (thankfully) and we are now holding our PRESS Haircutting Workshop every Sunday. Yes, our Sundays are now dedicated to learning and improving our skills. The commitment that each stylist gives to our Sunday Workshop has shown in the consistency of their work.


I look forward to seeing our Haircutting Workshop expand to make room for other hairdressers; itching to sharpening up their skills.

Sunday Fundays at PRESS!


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