Why Shop Local?


With Black Friday and cyber Monday all supporting the gigantic department stores and online shopping, small businesses are being ignored and results in financial suffering. Back in 2010, American Express started “Small Business Saturday” to help people ‘shop small’ to support the local mom-and-Pop stores. American Express gives back money to people who shop at small businesses.

I truly believe this new concept has helped remind consumers about their local stores and give them a chance to thrive. After all, if online-stores take over the world, where would you go get your haircut and styled? This is why for the first time ever, we are offering in-store product sales on both Black Friday and Saturday. A 20% discount is given to our entire inventory of hair products at our salon. Giving our loyal and new clients a chance to stock-it-up or save some for holiday gifts.

PS, even if you don’t purchase anything from our salon, I encourage you to shop close to home and get to know the owners of these stores. They are cool people 🙂 Come save and help us grow.

Yours Truly,


Vaan Sheahan

(Founder of PRESS Men’s Hair)


PRESS Men's Hair

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