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Mark Cuban


Hello PRESS Friends,

What would you do if you met Mark Cuban?

Among many of our young professional male guests who visit PRESS Men’s Hair Salon on a monthly basis, Anthony Bayer certainly stands out from the crowd. Anthony, a natural born entrepenuer who runs his thriving business just from flipping open a laptop.   His philanthropy nature has gotten him  involved with Big brothers and Big Sisters Of Orange County where he mentors 11-year-old Diego for the past 6 years. If you’ve ever met anthony, you’d know he’s bold, full of style, an intellectual, down-to-earth, and world traveler. It’s no wonder he was chosen by Riviera Magazine to appear in their April 2015’s issue -Men Of Style.

One day while working remotely at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, California he noticed sitting next him was Mark Cuban, a self-made billionaire who is also the owner of Dallas Cowboys and a Shark Tank star. Being his biggest fan, anthony knew not to lose that perfect opportunity. “I waited until his meeting was finished to introduce myself and tell him I was a fan of his professional career and Shark Tank”, Anthony shared. Then without hesitation, he swooped in and asked for a selfie.  “Mark Cuban was friendly and even asked me to use my long arm to take the Selfie. We spent a few minutes exchanging words about business”.

Anthony is bold. He’s fearless. He makes it happen. And that is inspirational to me.  So what would you do if you got a chance to meet Mark Cuban?  Next time you get the chance,  be sure to swoop your way in for a selfie too.  Or better yet, flaunt your elevator pitch and see what comes out of it. But whatever you do, don’t do nothing!

Yours Truly,

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