Secret to getting out the door with perfect hair: 3 simple tools

Want to know our little secret to achieving that perfect hairstyle with just 3 simple tools? Look no further my friends! A blow dryer, a hair brush and hairstyling products are no longer just for the ladies. Sophisticated men (or should I say a man who is meticulous and cares about his hair) is the first to own these three items which have become a necessity and every PRESS Man should take action. Let these simple tools take your personal image to the next level and allow you to get out the door a lot quicker too.


Most hair styles require a blow dryer to construct a shape that can’t be done by letting it air dry. A blow dryer when used with a brush can give you the ability to mold your hair exactly the way that you want it. For example, someone with disobedient straight hair who wants height and movement will benefit from the brush as it will bend the hair shaft, adding texture and flow. And for those with fine, thinning hair, blow drying your hair will add volume your locks never knew with air drying – try it!

Why is the hair brush a must-have? A hair brush is a powerful tool as it enables root lifting (to add volume and height), as well as bend, straighten, or flattens the hair to build its shape. My personal favorite brush that I think every PRESS Man must own is the Denman brush. This classic, simple, yet functional brush is a multi-purpose tool used for both styling and great for scalp massage too.

And lastly, what about product? The world of hair products can be over whelming (even for someone like me), but remember that not all products are for you. There are hundreds of hair textures, head shapes and hair style combinations out there, so the chances of you needing all the products are zero to none. But don’t freak out – you have us! As hairstylists, our passion is to teach you how to get the hairstyle that you want. Pay close attention during the styling part of your service and be sure to ask any questions you may have. We will only teach you products that are customized to your hair type and style. Building a hairstyle is like building a house and usually two products are needed to build a solid hairstyle – foundation and finishing.

Hopefully you take these comments to heart (or to HAIR!) and have at it, boys! And let us know what you think!


Yours Truly,


Vaan Sheahan

(Founder of PRESS Men’s Hair)

PRESS Men's Hair

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