Meet Elysa, PRESS Men’s Hair Stylist and Bumble & Bumble Network Educator.


Hello PRESS Friends,

I am beyond excited to finally have the chance to brag (just a little bit) about Elysa.  She is one of our top hairstylist, newest Bumble and bumble Network Educator and soon-to-be Salon Educator.  She is one of the best men’s hairstylist I know. Being from Albuquerque, New Mexico, she has racked up more than 16 long years in the hair world.  With having the privilege of working next to her, I got to really appreciate the way she approaches hair and customer service.  And let me just tell you, she is serious when it comes to designing perfect hair.  She is a superb listener and a perfectionist – two excellent combos.  Converting from sustaining a successful women clientele (who are still very clingy) in Albuquerque for over a decade, to starting a new path in men’s hair was far from easy. But with her natural talent, she has since peeked and is becoming one of the best in the men’s grooming industry.


When it comes to picking out talent for PRESS Men’s Hair Salon in Newport Beach, everybody knows that educational background and experience are my number one priority.  Elysa comes jam packed with both.  Lucky for us (and for you)! From Creative Cutting Course at Sassoon Academy to Pureolgy Color Care to multiple Bumble and bumble courses including Bb.Man and finally Bb. Network Educator I, she is well-rounded for sure. To top it off, Elysa is currently immersing herself into PRESS Men’s Hair Salon’s Men’s Haircutting Program to become our Salon Educator.

Don’t mistaken her for anything less than extraordinary.  Creative and edgy are two things you will recognize about her even at first glance. What we love about her is her natural beauty and kind-heartedness. Outside of the salon, she enjoys going to concerts, live shows and bands. If I could describe Elysa in one word, it would be “she’s-a-dream-come-true”.  Check her out on your next haircut, I highly recommend it.  You will leave happy.


Yours Truly,







Vaan Sheahan




PRESS Men's Hair

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