Donate Your Clothes: Celebrating Earth Day, everyday!


In honor of Earth Day we are currently hosting a clothing drive.  We would like to invite you to bring in your gently worn clothing to our Donation Box at PRESS Men’s Hair. For this clothing drive, we are accepting clothing from all genders.  So please go ahead and pass the word to your family and friends. You will receive one raffle ticket for every article of clothing you donate for a chance to win some movie tickets!  Winner will be announced on May 31st.

Spring is in the air!  That means it’s time to get active.  Wash the windows, vacuum under the couch and go through your closet. We are happy to introduce our commitment to PRESS’ Do-Good-Feel-Good journey.  Our salon is committed to helping our community.

All clothing will help the Assistance League of Huntington Beach


The Assistance League of Huntington Beach organization is an all volunteer and nonprofit group that puts caring and commitment into action through philanthropic programs, I am so excited to help spread the word.

When it comes to our household items, we all tend to hold on to stuff that we no longer use, hoping that one day we will need them.  That day never comes.  We end up losing our living space to clutter and acquire unnecessary stress.  It’s been a goal of mine to live more lightly, own less stuff to improve the quality of life. How often do you think about the stuff laying around your house?


So, whether or not you are ready spring-clean or go through your closet, what’s important is that when you do, make sure your unwanted items go to a good cause.


Cheers to a better quality of life!

Yours Truly,


PRESS Men's Hair

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