How To Receive The Best Haircut: 8 Tips

Dearest PRESS friends,

There are a few things that a client should know if he wants to receive a haircut exactly the way he wants it. As hairstylists, we are not capable of knowing exactly what you have in your mind’s eye – we are just regular people who happen to know how to cut hair. Here are some things I wish all of my clients knew before sitting down in my chair (especially the particular ones).


  1. Provide a photo. Telling me what you like is good, but bringing in a photo is a hundred times better. Google hairstyles that you want, or better yet, get a Pinterest account – it’s a great place to find ideas. Check out our boards on the “Pressmenshairsalon” page. We’ve pinned tons of styles to give you some inspiration. You can re-pin them on your board so that you don’t forget what they are.
  2. Arrive on time. No one wants a rushed haircut, right? Arriving on time gives your stylist all that time necessary to give you the best tailored haircut ever.
  3. Consultation. I find that talking to you before your haircut is a great way to ensure we understand what you are looking for – especially if you bring a photo. Always try to communicate what it is that you like in the photo. More often than not, I’m looking at the classic tapered sides with a clean hairline while you are looking at the pompadour… Two completely different views.
  4. Let us cut. Once we have discussed what you want, let us do what we do best… Try to keep your hands out of your hair until we’re finished. Haircutting is an art, so allow us to compensate where it is needed if your head shape is unique, your hair texture is resistant or if you have hidden blemishes.
  5. Know what YOU want. I’ve found that the quickest way for us to set a good haircut awry is when you bring a family member and let them chime in during our consultation. Try to leave them at home or ask them to respect your space during the cut… Trust me, the outcome is much better for both of us.
  6. Don’t wait. Don’t wait until we are completely done with your haircut to ask if it can be shorter, be vocal! We know you are watching… If you see the length is too long, tell us right away. We don’t want you to sit through TWO haircuts!
  7. Be honest. The last thing we’d like is for you to leave unhappy. If your haircut is not exactly what you had envisioned, tell us so. Going to a different hairstylist down the street won’t solve the problem… Giving us the chance to understand what you want will make your next haircut that much better.
  8. Trust us. If we advise that your hair may not be capable of a specific hair style (due to length, texture, curliness etc.) it’s probably true. Our number one goal is to make you happy with your hair, so put your trust in our expert stylists’ gifted hands!

I hope these little tips will help you get the best haircut ever the next time you come in. See you soon!


Yours Truly,

Vaan Sheahan

(Founder of PRESS Men’s Hair)




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