How-to Prevent Hair Loss

Preventing Hair Loss for Men       How to Prevent Hair Loss Men

Lately, I’ve had many clients ask me what products to use to encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss (especially clients who are noticing hair loss). With my two decades of experience in the hair industry, I have not yet been wowed by any particular hair product that helps with hair growth. I do believe, however, that the key lies in maintaining the head of hair we are blessed with and taking care of it the same way we take care of our body – through a healthy nutritious diet and exercise. This is why it is more important to maintain our Heaven-sent head of hair by using the right products (akin to a healthy nutritional diet) and getting frequent scalp massages (essentially “head exercises”).

Let me explain about the exercise metaphor. Hair follicles require oxygen and adequate blood flow in order to maintain scalp and hair health. Therefore, a good scalp massage which stimulates blood circulation will bring nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, also allowing them to “breath.” Oh – and reducing stress contributes to healthy hair too!

Unlike other salons, we make it a point to only offer services that we know our clients will benefit from in the best way possible. This is why I chose to offer the Signature Scalp Massage. Our stylists are fully trained to perform the massage through a method taught by Gavin Maddox – a master masseuse. During this special treatment, we use Bumble and bumble’s “Full Potential” line – an invigorating & exfoliating shampoo and lightweight conditioner with their ‘Hair Preserve’ blend.

Let us wash away your stress by performing our therapeutic scalp & neck massage focusing on your pressure points and encouraging blood flow. This treatment can either be scheduled by itself or added to any other service.

Take care of your hair and relax at the same time! I highly recommend treating your hair to our Signature Scalp Massage twice a month. I would also like to offer, for a limited time only: Adding a Signature Scalp Massage to ANY Service for just $15 ($20 value). In addition, our Signature Scalp Massage comes with the “All-Inclusive” deal (so you’ll get the neck trim and style out that you need in between haircuts!)

Indulge and enjoy my friends!

Yours Truly,


Vaan Sheahan

(Founder of PRESS Men’s Hair)

PRESS Men's Hair

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