“Mister 1000th Haircut”



Mr. 1000th Haircut

Mr. 1000th Haircut

Congratulations to our 1000th Haircut client!

Every new and return client that walks through our door is a king (in our eyes).  We spend every minute with them to make them feel special and to give them the utmost respect and  best service we can in order to earn their business for the long haul.  After several months of hard work, we have finally reached one of our many goals — to meet our first Mr. 100oth haircut client (first of many, we hope).

Today marks a special day for us at PRESS. Danny, who is throwing a birthday party for this wife later this evening, decided to dapper himself up before the event. Bells and whistles went off (more like our cheap pompoms and horrendous screams) when this modest and handsome gentleman was crowned “MR. 1000” early this morning. A few minutes later he received a champion haircut and style by our talented stylist Tina.

Just four months ago when we officially opened our doors for business, my husband Dan (who is mastermind behind our salon) made an educated projection of our business growth. Neither him nor I expected to reach our goal so soon. Mr. 1000 indicates that we have accumulated 1000 haircuts since the day we open. We have the best stylists and the most awesome clients on the planet and we enjoy celebrating every little milestone with each of them. Thanks to each and every one of you thus far, and cheers to many more!


Yours Truly,

Vaan Sheahan

(Founder of PRESS Men’s Hair)


P.S. I wonder who MR. 2000 will be?



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