Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty

When it comes to beauty, I always emphasize the importance of inner beauty. Today, my client Jeff has reminded me that our inner self – the love and compassion – will provide strength and perseverance though life’s difficult moments. To show support for his wife’s journey in battling breast cancer, Jeff has decided (for the first time ever) to liberate himself by letting go of his hair for the duration of six months.

Husband Jeff Shaves Head in Honor of Wife's Cancer Battle


The humbling experience that I have received from shaving his head is nothing compared to the level of love and support Jeff is giving to his wife and family. Watching his two beautiful little girls see him for the first time without his hair and then feeling his head with their bare hands, got me a little teared up. I’m so glad I had my camera in my hands and was able to take a quick snap – probably one of the best photos I’ve ever taken. Now this is what I call beauty everyone!!

Yours Truly,

Vaan Sheahan

(Founder of PRESS Men’s Hair)


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