March 2018 4_stars5

This place is awesome!
I finally decided to grow my hair 🙂 So I called in for an appointment and they were able to schedule me for the same day. I drove to the place and walked in, very friendly staff, I was offered a drink and the lady took my jacket and hung it for me! The design is really cool, there is a lot of art put into the interior design of the place, and I really appreciate that. The girl that cut my hair is Ciara, she is super friendly and very nice. her touch is really experienced and she made me feel very welcome. I will definitely be back!!! -Mureed I.

March 2018 4_stars5

I was a bit worried trying someone new to cut my hair since I lost my last hair stylist. But when I met Elysa, she made me feel very confident that she understood what I wanted and I liked how she seemed very confident in herself. The cut turned out to be amazing, it was not only what I was looking for, but I think better than my previous style. I’ll definitely be back and I’m happy to have found my new stylist.  -James W.

March 2018 4_stars5

I’ve had a several haircuts here and I think press is a great place. Denise is my stylist and she always cuts my hair the way I like it, even when I change my style. She is also friendly and always in a good mood. -Sean K.

February 2018 4_stars5

I have been coming to Press Men’s Hair for a few years now and I couldn’t be happier! The service is amazing, the people are friendly, and I always leave satisfied with my new cut. Marina has cut my hair the last few times and she is amazing. Great conversationalist and always goes the extra mile to make sure the haircut is perfect and will grow out well. Would highly recommend to anyone and I’m definitely going to keep coming back!        -David S.

January 2018 4_stars5

PRESS is the best men’s hair salon in OC. If you’re looking for a high quality cut look no further than PRESS. I have been a client for over a year and I couldn’t be more pleased. Vaan offers personalized service while being incredibly efficient. She takes the time she needs to make sure you are satisfied with your cut while respecting your time. I also enjoy the fact PRESS offers online scheduling of appointments. It couldn’t be any easier to make an appointment. I highly recommend PRESS Men’s hair salon. -Hiep N

July 2017 4_stars5

I loved Chloe. Got tons of compliments about my haircut and felt very happy with my new look. I’m definitely coming back very soon.
-Mario P.

May 2017 4_stars5

Elysa is my stylist here at Press and she does an amazing job! I have been coming to Press for about 7 months and love this place! I used to go to 18/8 Salon and they just went down hill. I am very particular about how I like my hair to be cut and styled and Elysa was able to visualize what I explained to her what it is I want. Elysa is really sweet and always has great conversation while cutting my hair. She loves music and movies so the conversation is endless. This adds to the great experience of coming here to see Elysa at Press.
-Jeff T.

February 2017 4_stars5

The entire experience as you walk in and out of the place has been joyful. Everyone their are professional as can be, but also place that friendly environment that its easy to talk to. I’ve been coming to Press Mens Hair Salon for under a year now, and Jill has not only been an outstanding stylist, but a great person as well. Every stylist is skilled and have the experience to get the haircut everyone wants. Even the produces they use are the some of the best that one can expect. Do I recommend this place? Yes! Totally!
-Louie V.

September 2016 4_stars5

My previous hair stylist increased his prices and I couldn’t justify the price increase considering how often I was getting my hair cut. I decided it was time to find some place new. I came across PRESS on Yelp and I couldn’t be more pleased. After reading a few Yelp reviews I schedule my appointment online with Vaan. The fact that I could manage my appointments online on my own really excited me. When I arrived at PRESS I found the interior to be really modern and clean. When I met Vaan for the first time she asked a few questions, and got right to it. I was surprised because of the speed and efficiency of the cut, I was afraid it wouldn’t turn out as nicely as those stylist who sit there and meticulously cut every hair, but end up taking way too long. It was a surprise when Vaan was able to achieve such an ideal cut, and in the way I like it too, but taking way less time than I was used to.
-Hiep N.

May 2016 4_stars5

Vaan and her crew have been nothing but hospitable, kind, and most especially professional during all of my visits. I’ve always been very happy with my haircut and overall experience at Press! They keep the place orderly and clean plus have all the nice perks with shampoo service, hot towel, quick scalp massage, and proper rinse. Fantastic small business with even better people.
-Adam G.

March 2016 4_stars5

Got my hair cut here today.  It’s my fifth time here.  Shampoo was gentle and the water temperature was just right.  Hot towel for face was offered but it was a hot day so I declined.  As for hair cut, she was very detail oriented.  I think I was 2 weeks pass my originally planned haircut due to business travel, so my hair was long and a mess, but she took care of it. end result was a good looking hair that got my coworkers’ praise.
-Justin Y.

February 2016 4_stars5

Let me start by saying I am very picky when it comes to hair stylists. The reason why I am so picky is that my mom is a hair stylist and she has been cutting my hair for close to 40 years. Since I moved an hour away, I had to search for a hair stylist that is edgy, skillful, patient, down to earth, trend setter and someone I can trust.
After trying out different barber shops and salons, I finally came to PRESS men’s hair. Walking into the salon, my first impressions of the place were that the staff was welcoming and customer centric. As I checked in, they offered me a refreshment. I was starting to love this place already.  You can totally tell that this place is made for men. My hair stylist was Vaan the Scissorhand and she immediately greeted me with warmth, and asked a few concise questions to determine exactly what I wanted.  I even showed her a picture and she knew exactly what I wanted. She took me to wash my hair and then gave me a scalp massage. Those spirit fingers were releasing all the tension and stress in my head. To top it off, she put a warm towel over my face and I love every moment of it. She immediately went to work on my hair. As the scissors approaches my hair, I can hear it say “just do me dirty.”  We casually conversed throughout, and after 20 minutes, my hair was done.  I’ll have to admit out of all the times when I go to barber shops, the stylist rarely gives me the look that I specifically had in mind.  But Vaan gave me a pleasant surprise when she finished with my hair looking nearly identical to what I originally had in mind.  She just works wonder with those scissors and her precision was on point. Let me tell you, this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!
Vaan is now the only person I will allow to put scissors on my hair. I am able to book my appointment online  and receive text reminder confirming my appointment. I usually come here on my lunch break and head back to work. I highly recommend PRESS men hair and this shop will definitely be my hair shop in the future! I am looking forward to my next appointment in a few weeks.
-Joey L.

December 2015 4_stars5
Elysa was excellent. Good conversation and she was able to fix the mess made by a previous barber. Plus the scalp massage was nice and relaxing, although for $20, I felt it could have been longer. Also, it was rather chilly in the place but I’ll chock that up to my appointment being the first one after the doors opened at 9 am. If I lived here I would definitely become a regular.
-Mark G.

December 2015 4_stars5
Press men’s hair salon is by far the best salon I’ve been to in the two years I’ve lived in Orange County. Chloe does a remarkable job on my hair and she takes her time and does a wonderful job. From the shampoo, hot face towel, scalp massage and then the wonderful haircut it’s an all around perfect experience. Thank you Press and Chloe for everything
-Joshua S.

more Haircut Testimonials …

November 2015 5 stars red
Vaan is an extraordinarily talented hair stylist! To say I am particular and picky about my hair is an understatement and Vaan has always been patient and extremely accommodating.  She knows exactly how to cut my hair and does it perfectly every single time.(quickly I may add)
A must try if you need a new stylist or even if you’re looking to try something new!
-John S.

November 2015 5 stars red
All the stylist are super friendly. I brought my son in to get his haircut. They cut it just like the picture we brought it. I loved the environment. Definitely referring all my friends.
-Nina L.

September 2015 5 stars red
My mom has been a professional hairstylist and cosmetologist for almost 26 years, so i’ve always had my haircut done by her. Now that I’m all grown up and on my own and away from home, I had to look for a new stylist. It’s kind of weird getting my hair cut by someone else other than my mom but I needed a haircut badly, so I did my research. I was hesitant at first when I came into the place because it’s relatively new and I didn’t know any of the hairstylists. Tina took me into her chair, gave me a throughout consultation with another hairstylist because I had no idea what to do with my hair, so they helped me figure out the best way to achieve the “look” I was trying to aim for. I honestly can say that this haircut is better any haircut my mom has ever given me (sorry, mom). My haircut doesn’t look like I just gotten it quickly buzzed and lined, it looks natural and the top of my hair flows naturally with a lot of volume. She even offered to re-do it for free the next day if I wasn’t satisfied with the cut. Free drinks, double hair wash and conditioning, detailed cutting, and blowdrying…This place is friendly, clean, and can I emphasize talented?! Love you mom, but I’m gonna stick to PRESS Men’s Hair cut from now on . :X
-LeVincent T.

August 2015 5 stars red
I recently relocated to Newport Beach from the Bay Area. The only real concern I had was whether I’d be able to find a stylist as good as mine in San Francisco I had for over 8 years and loved.
I asked around the office for recommendations but didn’t get the sense that anyone I asked as really enamored with their stylist. So, I turned to Yelp as I have for many services. Based on the reviews I zeroed in on Press Men’s Hair Salon and made an appointment. I wasn’t too worried if it didn’t work out as I need a cut every month. Well, let me say I couldn’t be happier with every aspect of of the experience.
The salon is clean, bright, well appointed and has a hip vibe. It has a comfortable waiting area with magazines and complimentary beverages. I’ve been to salons in all the places I’ve lived, Manhattan, Miami, LA, Honolulu and San Francisco and have never experienced the little details that set Press apart.
First, the initial shampoo was really a scalp massage and with the hot facial cloth I though I was in a spa. Next, I gave no instructions to Vaan other than I need a cut once a month. With that she gave me the exact haircut I wanted even without me providing any details at all. I loved it and it grew out just the way I hoped. Next, I’ve never been taken back for a second washing after the cut before being styled out. What a treat not having to go back to work itching and scratching from all the left over hair from the cut. Lastly, not only is Vaan an amazing stylist, she’s also a super person. We chatted non stop through the cut and I find her to be intelligent, articulate and a very down to earth and friendly person. It added another dimension to the experience unlike many stylists who prefer you not to talk while they work.
I’d recommend Vaan and Press Men’s Hair to any of my friends without reservation.
-Matthew T.

July 2015 5 stars red
First time visit – called in for a last minute appointment but PRESS had no issues finding a good time that works. Vaan was awesome and I’m definitely pleased with both the cut and the quality of service. Clean space as well. Will be back for more for sure!
-MD M.

July 2015 5 stars red
First time visit – called in for a last minute appointment but PRESS had no issues finding a good time that works. Vaan was awesome and I’m definitely pleased with both the cut and the quality of service. Clean space as well. Will be back for more for sure!
-MD M.

June 2015 5 stars red
I have gone here a number of times for both a facial trim and haircuts. They never disappoint. I have always been very particular about how my hair is cut, wanting a certain look. From the first time I went, I was able to work with the hair stylist to come up with a plan for how I want my hair. Great service and good vibe to the place, but most importantly, I have always liked my haircut and have always been very satisfied. I’ve tried other men’s hair salon’s in the area, I recommend this one above any other.
-Spencer F.

June 2015 5 stars red
They are best in scissor cut . would love to go again . staff is so friendly and beautiful too 🙂
Keep up the good work
-Nakul D.

June 2015 5 stars red
This place is great. From the receptionist to the stylists. Really can’t beat it. From the time I went in I was treated like family and they really cared to make me look my best. Vaan is incredible. I get so many compliments after leaving there. I wish they could style my hair every morning! Thanks all for making a trim a fantastic experience and not a chore.
-Ryan O.

May 2015 5 stars red
Woohoo! I seriously love this place…you hair washed, your head massaged, a hot, soothing towel on your face, a haircut, and styling. I’ve gone twice so far and I’ve loved my service both times. Love the massage, love the attention to detail while cutting hair, love the way they style my hair and give me tips on what I can do to with my hair type. All the stylists are great to talk to and very friendly. I will be coming back here for as long as I live in OC!
-Michael K.

May 2015 5 stars red
Completley amazing. I love this place. Extremely professional through the whole experience, friendly staff paired in a great atmosphere. They immediately offer a beverage of choice, take your name and in minutes you’re in their care. I have never felt more welcome. Thank you Press. You ladies rock!
-Zachary E.

March 2015 5 stars red
This place is awesome! Have been to many barbers and professional stylists in the area and it’s hard to find someone who matches your personality and understands what you’re looking for. Press Men’s Hair does both with a relaxed, yet professional interaction with their clients.
-John S.

March 2015 5 stars red
Vaan is excellent! And the salon is beautiful. Only Bumble and Bumble men’s salon in the whole country! Great product and great people.
-Andy F.

March 2015 5 stars red
Excellent results and very good prices for the services.  Everyone is friendly and as a customer you feel well taken care of when you walk out.  Highly recommend it!!!
-Ramin Z.

March 2015 5 stars red
I have very hard, thick, straight hair and a bad head shape and most hair stylists cannot cut and manage my hair to make it look good. So my friend who is a hair stylist in Beverly Hills has been cutting my hair until I moved to OC.  I tried several hair stylists but it didn’t go well.  I found PRESS on Yelp since they had 100% of 5 star reviews… Great atmosphere, great service, great hair stylists and great price. Highly recommended.
-Hiro Z.

December 2014 5 stars red

Got my first cut there tonight – never going anywhere else. They legit know how to do real men’s haircuts, not just #2 buzz cuts. Super nice staff, reasonable prices and my stylist spent an hour on my hair!!  That’s a good thing – she didn’t try to race me through, took her time to really make sure the cut was good. And offered that if I had second thoughts later on about length or anything, just come back and she’d be happy to touch me up.  This place is fantastic.
-James C.

December 2014 5 stars red
Very cool and clean place with professional friendly people. I’v definitely found my favorite barbershop.
-Mehdi S.

December 2014 5 stars red
They really knew what they were doing! Very stylish and knowledgeable. Fun to talk to and really made an effort to make sure that I got the haircut I wanted. Pricy but worth it!
-Kevin G.

December 2014 5 stars red
Needed a haircut and after reading the reviews from yelp and hearing from a friend I went there. To put it simply: I’ll be going there for as long as I’m in OC…

1. They know what they are doing.
2. This is a place for guys
3. Price, for about $5-10 more than your chain haircut place you get alot more. and I do mean alot more.
4. People are friendly
5. Did I mention it’s a place for guys!
Bottom line, if their service remains the same, they have me hooked..
-S F.

September 2014 5 stars red
PRESS Men’s Hair is top notch! I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. Vaan (the owner) is extremely talented and knowledgable. She really listens to what you want to do with your hair and is quite friendly and personable. The store itself is very clean and well decorated.
I highly recommend this place for boys/men of all ages who want a high quality haircut/style for a reasonable price.
-Chad T.

August 2014 5 stars red
We just moved to CA from GA and had a great experience today when we randomly walked in to Press Men’s Hair. Great service and both of my boys were very content. Had to send my husband as well – highly recommend them.
-Helene L.

June 2014 5 stars red
This place was very impressive. The women that greet to the ladies that cut your hair. All of them are true professionals and it was a pleasure getting my hair cut in such a fine establishment. The fine young lady that cut my hair was named Ana and she was very knowledgeable already working 4 years in the business and she asked direct questions on how I wanted my hair cut and she then cut it to exact specifications. My wife was very happy with the results. Thanks again, Press!!! I will be back again. Ana, you are a fine young lady and am very impressed by your working two jobs helping support your family. And you kick butt at cutting hair. See you in a couple months.
-Danny P.

May 2014 5 stars red
We love Press Men’s Hair!! I have 2 sons and I will always recommend this Salon to the men! It’s so unique because it is a salon catering to men but soooo much classier than a barber shop!!! Vaan is soooo talented and we will continue to go to Press!! Thanks Vaan for your expertise!!
-Yvette M.

April 2014 5 stars red
My fiance used to go to supercuts for his hair cuts and then tried PRESS and what a difference!!!  Now his hair looks wayyy better!  You can tell the quality of the cut from a mile away!  If you want to look great and feel great and have a great experience doing it I highly recommend PRESS!
-Alicen B.

April 2014 5 stars red
If you are looking for a clean sophisticated cut this is the place. But don’t get me wrong if you are looking for a asymmetrical foe hawk this is also the establishment.  I say this because I have gotten almost every cut you can think of from hair cutter extraordinaire Van T. Sheahan. I have been a client of Van’s for over 8 years and to say that she knows my hair is an understatement. I pride myself on changing my style whenever I feel something is getting stale; and Van has always been able to deliver that new style I’m looking for. Whether its my latest look tailored from the Rag Time look of The Great Gatsby or the classic high and tight Van’s work with my hair in a word is Magic.
-Miguel A.

March 2014 5 stars red
I have been getting my hair did by Vaan for a number of years, and all I can say is WOW! If she can make ME look good, imagine what she can do for someone normal! Thanks Vaan! Get yourself to PRESS!
-Chris D.

March 2014 5 stars red
This is hands down the best hair cut experience I have ever had.
-Wesley T.

March 2014 5 stars red
Best place for a stylish cut..ever. the best hair cut ever I have ever got in my life.
-Ramin Z.

March 2014 5 stars red
The best hair cut ever I have ever got in my life.
-Hector V.