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Hello PRESS Friends,
Every June, I look back to see how we did the year before, and this year I have to say, is another fantastic year of success. Along with growth were challenges we had to face, but those opportunities made us stronger than ever. To pay gratitude, Dan and I thought long and hard about what we can do to give back to our community. We wanted to do something that was meaningful where we feel a special connection. After hearing heart felt stories from Adam Go and Anthony Bayer, both loyal clients of ours, who mentor two young boys at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County, we got inspired. We thought to ourselves, “how fun would it be to throw a hair grooming party for these young boys?”.
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County is one of the national organization’s top mentoring agencies, serving more than 3000 children each year. Their purpose is “for every child to have the opportunity to succeed in life and live to their full potential.” Our goal was to create a fun space full of good food, music, and prizes where they can enjoy getting pampered.
With our first-ever Men’s Grooming Night for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County from 2-7 p.m., our salon was closed. For five straight hours, boys in the BBBS program and their big brother counterparts get to hang and share some fun times together. Young boys from the program will enjoy a hair service of their choice (haircut, facial trim, or a Signature Scalp Massage). They get the full on grooming experience: from a detailed consultation, shampoo and conditioner, hot facial towel, second rinse, and a style out. Every Little Brother from BBBS in attendance will be entered into a raffle to have a chance to win cool prizes (or as we’d like to call it, the coolest man gift he’ll ever receive). The lucky winner(s) will also be invited back into our salon for a complimentary a haircut anytime they like. Two surprise local celebrities will make an appearance for photos and signatures.

I am thankful for all of our talented stylists, friends and family who volunteered to make this event a big hit. And I look forward to having the opportunity share our love for hair and influence more lives. If you are reading this, there’s a little boy out there who needs a male model and mentor just like you. You can make a positive influence on someone today. I recommend checking out to get more information.

Yours Truly,
Vaan Sheahan




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