How and Why to Use a Blow-Dryer

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Today I’d like to blow you away with a pair of tools that so many of us (men AND women) should always have on hand, but often forget to use. So why are two of the most important styling tools in the men’s hair world – becoming almost obsolete? Among any of the ‘must-haves’ in your bathroom cupboard should be at least a small blow dryer and a hair brush. Yes, I said it! Own them, be proud of them, and see how these items’ versatility will buy you more time and more swag.


Our guests of the salon are more sophisticated then ever, and that’s exactly what we want their hair to reflect! But we also recognize the need to find the best and fastest way to get out the door in the morning. Some of our men are busy executives who are always PRESSed (get it??) for time and require low-maintenance hairstyles, while others dabble and adopt new trends all the time. Either way, those days of wash-and-air-dry are long gone, and we encourage you to make sure YOU have the tools to look like you just left our chair… every morning!


Let’s take the shame out of owning your own styling tools – Check out these amazing benefits two simple tools can do for your hair:

  • If you prefer pomade or hair paste, your hair needs to be dry
  • Straight, sleek, polished looks are achieved with blow dries
  • If you want height/volume, use the dryer from the roots upward
  • Can keep wavy/unruly hair from frizzing
  • Especially if you’re trying out a new hair style, cut, or changing anything, the best way to get your hair to stop falling in its natural direction is to use a hair dryer


Some tips on how to work your dryer + brush:

  • Work on one segment at a time
  • Don’t concentrate hot air for longer than 5 seconds at a time (that can cause damage)
  • Make sure hair has been thoroughly towel dried before blow drying (this also prevents damage)
  • Use a diffuser to spread out the heat, and retain natural waves or curls
  • Use lower heat temperatures (reduces frizz and, yes, damage!)
  • Never blow dry hair to the point that it is left with n0 moisture (once again, damage!)
  • Prevent heat damage with the right products (like Bumble & bumble heat protective primer for a quick, sleek style – or B&b Repair Blow Dry if you want volume and styling)
  • Don’t dry EVERY day – it’s always best to give your hair a break from anything you do in excess.


So now you may be thinking, do any guys really use a hairdryer to blow dry their hair? I’ve had that question asked of me on multiple occasions and the answer is a resounding Yes! Do most guys use a hairdryer though? Not really. Most guys don’t know why they would need one, nor are they comfortable using one. But after reading this, I hope that I have explained why a hair dryer is a great tool for your styling toolbox.

So try it! See how you like it! Notice the difference. Chances are, if you like the way you look walking out of our salon, you’ll like the way you look with a brush and dryer at home. The next time you come in, ask your stylist to explain what she is doing as she dries your hair and see what products would be best for your unique hair.


Yours Truly,


Vaan Sheahan

(Founder of PRESS Men’s Hair)

PRESS Men's Hair

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