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I had a client today, whom I have been seeing for some time now.  He is a successful Asian man in his mid 20’s.  A particular young man who has high standards for everything.  He cares a lot about his looks.  He visits me every 10 days and is always very inquisitive – something I can really appreciate. He owns an elite tutoring company in Newport Beach where he and his team counsel and guide students so that they can get into their favorite colleges. In short, he’s one smart individual.

There are at least two things we talk about when he’s in my chair.  One is academics and the other is hair – his hair that is.  Today, the topic was hair texture.  Even though I see him every ten days, I still consult with him before I start his haircut.  I ask him questions. And he answers. This time he makes a comment, “I have cactus hair, what is the texture of my hair?” Then he continues, “Asian hair, right?”  I laugh.  I laugh because “Asian hair” is almost a house-hold word we all use to describe extremely stiff and straight hair.  And it is this type of hair that we as hairdressers know is challenging but still pay very little attention to.  I’m not that kinda hairdresser.

I remember the first time I met him, just like all of my clients, he was looking for someone who understands his straight hair.  His hair grows straight out of the head without any bend in it.  If a stylist is not familiar working with this type of hair, end result would most likely not be good. By all means, straight hair is one of the most difficult hair to make perfect for the stylist and a major frustration for the client.  Not to mention the limitations in style choice too.  But there are solutions.

My first advice is that you need is to embrace the fact that you have “special” hair.  And to get what you want, you will have to work for it. When you know this, you will be more willing to do what it takes to get that style you want.

The next important thing to do (probably equally as important as the first) is seek out the right stylist who is an expert in this area.  Fish out that stylist who has dealt with this type of hair (a lot) because at the very least, she would have learned through trial and error and her chance of knowing the tricks is higher.

Finally, once you have found that one stylist who is savvy with your distinguished hair texture, make sure she cares about you.  She should put you first and genuinely cares about you. Did I mention care about you? When she recommends the right products and tools you’ll need to achieve the style you’re going for, listen to her.  And if she says, “your hair will not do that”, she’s perhaps right.


In some sense, Sean has reminded me of my roots. I had flash backs of my amateur years of cutting hair, when my my sister-in-law, cousin and brother (who all have straight hair) allowed me to practice on them.  I will never forget the time when I couldn’t get my brother’s hair perfect. It was stressful. This explains why I have such a strong connection to straight hair.  I have since taken control over this disobedient hair and mastered it.  Straight hair texture is definitely very special.  And I love it!

Check back on my next blog. I will guide you through the best ways to manage and get more styles out of your “Asian Hair”.


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Vaan Sheahan


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