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Welcome to PRESS Men’s Hair Salon.  Inspired by art, music, and aerospace, we are wildly obsessed with good-looking hair.  We do one thing very well, and that’s simply men’s hair cutting.

Our team of expert hairstylists specialize in scissors cutting. We put everything we know and love into providing the best tailored men’s salon haircuts and style.  Guests receive our undivided in-chair attention where we spend extra time learning about his wants and needs.  A lot of care is put into teaching each guest the right products to use along with a mini tutorial on “How To Style His Hair At Home” before we complete the service. We are devoted to giving our guests more than just a perfect haircut.  It is our priority to make each guest feel on-top-of the-world handsome and empowered before he leaves.

Because we are an education based salon, all stylists perfect their skills with the PRESS Men’s Haircutting Program.  This program was developed by Owner and Education Director, Vaan Sheahan where it zeroes in on the technical and artistic aspects of men’s hair cutting by using two primitive tools – scissors and comb.  We serve men of all ages who appreciate upscale services without the premium price.  PRESS is not a barbershop, we’re a men’s hair salon with a focus on expert men’s haircuts.

“Look handsome, Feel empowered” 

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Benefits at PRESS Men’s Hair Salon Orange County

Here are 5 benefits that you will receive at PRESS Men’s Hair Salon serving Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Irvine, and surrounding areas.

PMH-Mens-Hair-IconTailored-To-You- Haircut.

A thorough consultation takes place before the start of every service.  We spend time talking to you to make sure we understand what you are looking for before we begin any services.  Communication is key to a successful hairstyle.

PMH-Tie-Icon-BMen-only salon experience.

Let’s face it — a feminine atmosphere isn’t really what you’re looking forward to when you walk into a typical salon.  At PRESS Men’s Hair, you’ll experience a masculine environment.  Our loft-style salon includes 5 flat screens TVs, styling chairs made of solid wood, and Bumble and Bumble products that will get you looking & feeling your best. 

In-Chair Education.       

All stylists pay attention to details and spend the time teaching you what products to use & how to style your hair.

Scissors-only haircut.PMH-Scissors-Icon-D

We specialize in the art of cutting with scissors, providing a custom cut that is catered to your hair type, head shape, and lifestyle.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t do everything!  You name it, we will give it to you.

PMH-Prescription-Icon-BRoyal Service.

Yes, when we say royal, we mean it.  We do everything we can to make you feel like a king.  Your business means the world to us.


What other people are saying

Don’t just take our word for it — have a look at what men are saying about PRESS Men’s hair. PRESS Men’s Hair salon is committed to making a man look handsome, while empowering him with confidence.  We also value the development of long-term client relationships & appreciate your business.

Look at the men’s haircuts we’ve styled in our PRESS Men’s hair photo gallery.  Check out the services we offer here.

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Hi it’s Vaan,

The first time I started cutting hair was in 1996.  After receiving my cosmetology license and working as an assistant at a popular chain salon, I began to build my own clientele in my parents’ garage. The clients washed their hair in a standing shower, sat on a cushioned stool and the only light source was a fluorescent light hung from the ceiling.  Since then, I have had the honor to work alongside some of the greatest icons in the hair industry:  James Morrison, Founder of Toni & Guy USA; Joaquin Regalado, Founder of Hair Salon Educators; and Anh CoTran, Celebrity Stylist and Co-Owner of Ramirez Tran Salon, just to name a few.


From a stylist’s perspective, cutting men’s hair using a pair of scissors is far more superior than using the clipper blades. Clipper blades have its own perks, but are mostly a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment and is too limiting for all the aspects of haircutting. In contrast, a pair of scissors has endless capabilities to mold and sculpt the hair, as if it is the extension of the artists’ hands. The beauty of the two blades when they collide together is so simple yet so intriguing to me. I am greatly influenced by Risa Fukui, a Japanese paper cutting artist who uses scissors to create art and has inspired me to honor the two blades when I’m creating hairstyles.


Risa Fukui

In the beginning, I didn’t pay as much attention to my male clientele, as the majority were female. Being in a salon environment that offered full-service, cutting men’s hair was just part of the package — it wasn’t a big deal.  Very few male clients ever mentioned their experiences at a barbershop. In fact, most of them hadn’t even been to a barbershop.

These were a different caliber of men.  They preferred the salon atmosphere and didn’t mind paying a higher price for a quality haircut. One thing I did hear repeatedly were witty remarks about the women they were forced to share their space with, which showed their discomfort in a place that was mainly catered to women. For clients who had been to a barbershop before landing in my chair, these clients told me the techniques I use to cut their hair made it more manageable and the growing out process was more natural.


The inspiration for starting an exclusive men’s salon came to me one day when a handsome man came into my life, who swept me off my feet and later became my husband. I was shocked to have met a man whose obsession for hair outweighs mine. It was then that I began to see the correlation between the artistry of hair and men, and immediately set to work to create a Scissor Cutting Guide that teaches hair stylists how to specifically cut men’s hair. Men’s haircut qualities are often overlooked and the stylists’ haircutting skills are often sacrificed.

The idea for PRESS Men’s Hair came from one solid foundation — and that is quality.

When I think of Press, I think of a man wearing a ‘pressed’ button down shirt…crisp and sharp. That is essentially the underlying quality for each service we give. A man deserves to go to a “salon” and receive an educated and tasteful haircut that he can be proud of.  If I can do anything in this world, I would like to change that standard for all men.

Hope to get the chance to meet you!

Yours Truly,


My educational background includes: Artistic Art Director for Toni&Guy Newport Beach, Bumble and Bumble Network educator, as well as Salon Educator for Hampton Salon. My passion for learning and continued education as led me to travel from New York to London; as well as accomplish First Place Haircutting, Student Category, Second Place Photographic Competition, Editorial category for Toni&Guy U.S.A, and become an independent contractor and Salon Educator at Hampton Salon in Newport Beach, California.  

In 2020 Space Products were created and officially launched on 2/16/2020.

Now available for purchase at PRESS Men’s Hair Salon and: